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Golden Ben Wa Balls

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Golden Ben Wa Balls

Wanna be excited?

Perfectly weighted for orgasmic benefits

Using ben wa balls help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that can be weakened by pregnancy, child birth, age, lack of exercise, cetain types of exercise, etc etc

A weak pelvic floor does not always mean "feeling loose", it can contribute to unrinary incontinence, and even lead to pelvic organ prolapse! 

So if you have: had kids, started noticing incontinence, would like to feel tighter, or just want to experience amazing orgasms, these balls are for you! 

To Use:

Gently insert one or both balls into the vagina, using the kegal muscle (pelvic floor), flex and the balls should stay in place. It might be hard at first but over time and building the muscle will make it easier.You can raise the balls up and down over time and practice, some women can acheive orgam through these exercises.

You can also have sex whilst the balls are in place, adding extra sensation for both partners.

A clit vibe may be added during use too, this will stimulate both inside and out creating an amazing solo experience. The balls will help stimulate the G-Spot both during and after use.

As your muscles grow stronger and you get tighter there is less room to "miss" the G-spot

NOT for anal use  - "no base, no butt" 

Comes in a convenient storage case 

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