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Irresistible - Invincible - By Shots

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The Invincible is the top of the line model with suction and vibration.

Dimension: 12 x 7.5 cm
Weight: 135gr
Diameter: 2.9cm
Motor: 2
Rotation per minute: 4500RPM
Noise Level: 60db
Rechargeable with usb cable included
Use time: 120 minutes
Waterproof: 100% submersible
No Phthalate
Pulsative wave: 11
Vibration mode: 3
Compositions: Made of medical grade silicon
Color: purple

The Irresistible 2019 collection is a new, advanced generation of clitoral stimulation devices. In the past, these devices mainly stimulated the outer part of the clitoris, but your clitoris has a much larger network of nerves and the Irresistibles are powerful enough to push further clitoral stimulation. This pulse wave technology is the perfect match between a gentle suction and a delicate breath of air, the two combined offers a much sought after sensory experience. For an ultimate comfort, everything is done without direct contact, via these pulse waves. (See Sylvain’s opinion)

The waves are created by a waterproof membrane which itself is constantly boosted by a pushing mechanism. This action is creating a wave ripple in an oscillation movement thus transmitting a double reaction of suction and air blast, as you can see on diagram A. As the waves are transmitted, there are parts of these waves that are compressed creating an increase in pressure or density and parts that are rarefied creating in turn a further decrease pressure or density. This merry go round action, is giving the impression of a back and forth motion style, with a blown and sucked sensation.

Pulse wave technology allows 100% total sealing. No liquid, whether bodily or water, can get inside. It is therefore used in all circumstances; shower, bath, sauna, woman fountain ... without worrying about altering its mechanism, and this is 100% GUARANTEED! The material used to make Irresistible is a medical grade silicone that guarantees that no allergies are possible, even if you are very sensitive.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We must emphasize that all other products of this kind, and without exception, have infiltrations of fluids that sink too deeply into the mechanism. As a result, there is a possibility of mold formation. Irresistible products finally allow you to clean them in seconds for perfect hygiene without leaving any moisture and fluids. 

Use for seconds, minutes or hours ... unlike other devices available today, you will not become insensitive or over stimulated over time. So, whether it's your first time or you're an experienced connoisseur, the all-new Irresistible 2019 collection is made for any woman who wants the best in quality, pleasure and security, which they are entitled to demand from an intimate device.

All Irresistibles arrive in a beautiful solid box. This box is robust and can be used as a storage compartment.

Thanks to a new generation of better designed motors, all Irresistible are ultra-quiet

The importance of such a discovery in the field of female stimulation needed to be protected, this is why Irresistible products have a worldwide patent pending.

The price of the Irresistibles is on average about 30% cheaper than comparable products, you make a good deal.

All Irresistibles are guaranteed 1 full year


1. Definitely its total waterproofness
2. Safety hygiene
3. Easy to clean, this is the first item of its kind that is trouble-free
4. Affordable price
5. Box used as compartment for storage

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